Maximise customer engagement using artistic QR codes created with AI

Enhance customer engagement with attention-grabbing QR Codes that reflect your brand and business. Start creating your own artistic, branded and AI generated QR Codes in just a few minutes, for free.

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Talking QR Codes - a revolution in the world of customer engagement

We bring you talking QR Codes. You saw it here first. 10x your customer engagement with these QR codes that compel your users to engage.

Connect with your customers through colour, voice and video.

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1,000s of QR codes created so far

Start creating your own QR codes today, for free, powered by the latest tech in generative AI. Pick from existing templates, or come you with your own designs. Then wow your customers with these eye-catching QR codes.


Use in a variety of businesses and industries

Create beautiful QR Codes that represent you and your business. Look at some beatutiful examples from a few different areas

A QR Code ecosystem to help you maximise customer engagment

Here at QRious we focus giving you all the tools you need for creating innovative QR Codes, using them in the real world, and tracking their engagement. Leveraging the latest in generative AI, we bring you QR Codes like you've never seen.


Capture the essence of your brand inside your QR Codes. Leverage these as another chance to communicate your brand identity.


Creative, colourful, and attention-grabbing QR codes for your audience. Say goodbye to the boring black and white.


We use advanced techniques to verify these QR Codes for work, and scan on your every day phones.


Track how many times a QR Code has been scanned, when it was scanned, and from what device.

Dynamic QR Code's

Want to a change where QR Code redirects to, without having to re-print or re-generate it. We got you covered.


Pick from a selection of hand-picked themes, guaranteed to create jaw-dropping QR Code designs.

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Designed for creators and businesses like yours

Once you are ready to take your QR Code game to the next level, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans.


Free credits on registration, and if you share one of our QRs on social media

  • 8 QR Code generations on registration
  • 5 free credits recharged daily
  • Another 20 QR Code generations on any social media shares
  • Full access to our artistic creator studio
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Just purchase a set of credits without committing to a subscription

  • 60 QR Code generations
  • 1024 x 1024 size images
  • Access to our artistic creator studio and theme templates
  • Static QR Codes
  • Dashboard access to keep track of QR codes
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Good for marketing campaigns, and for analytics tracking

  • Everything in the Credits package
  • 500 QR Code generations/month
  • Scan tracking and analytics
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Private QR Codes
  • More theme options
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Enterprise Subscription

Best for large scale uses, where QR Codes form a core part of the business

  • Everything in the Subscription package
  • 1,500 QR Code generations/month
  • Faster generations
  • Dedicated servers
  • API Access
  • Premium support
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Frequently asked questions

How are these QR Codes generated?

We leverage the latest in generative AI, and Stable Diffusion, to bring you these stunning looking QR Codes

What is a Static or Dynamic QR Code?

A dynamic QR code allows you to change where it points to, even after it is generated. Imagine you print a QR code out on business card, and it point's to your website. Now imagine if a few weeks later you instead want it to point to one of your latest promotions. With dynamic QR codes that is possible, without needing to re-print the QR code. Just update where it points on your Dashboard, and you are good to go. With static QR codes that is not possible. Once created, you cannot change where they point to.

What sort of analytics do you provide?

We allow you to track the number of times a QR code has been scanned, what device was used to scan, the time and date of the scan, as well as the estimated geographical location You can use this information to track how successfully your QR codes are performing

Do these QR Codes actually work?

Yes, they do! We have thoroughly tested them on a number of devices, and QR Code scanners, and they work as expected. In the chance you find a QR code is not working, we have the option to "strengthen" the QR code. Just click on the "strenghten" button, and we will bring out more of the QR code into the image, allowing phones to scan it more easily.

What are the themes that you provide

Based on our research and explorations, we have discovered a number of design themes that result in jaw-dropping QR codes. We make these themes available for you to choose from, so you can get those jaw-dropping reactions from your customers.

What is the artistic creator studio?

We have made it easy for you to create beautiful QR codes. We provide a number of tools that allow you to create beautiful QR codes, such as allowing you to describe what you would like the QR codes to look like, styles to choose from, a spice feature that infuses artistic creativity into your QR codes, and much more.

Do you provide API access?

Yes, we do. We have made it as easy as possible for you to integrate these branded QR codes into your projects, and generate and track them in large numbers. Along with our detailed API documentation, integrating them into your project should be a breeze

What does premium support include?

You will get immediate responses from our support team, and we will do our best to help you with any issues you may have. If there are any features you would like to have added, we will prioritise these as well.